December 8, 2011

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New Jungle-Themed ZhuZhu Pets®: ZHU-FARI™!

Going to try and post some new hot toys each day this week to gear up for Christmas!!!

A fun new Zhu-Zhu  pet is out for this holiday season!  Zhu-Fari

Zhu-Fari™ Background
A new gang of ZhuZhu Pets® is swinging, prowling, and stampeding its way into the Zhu-niverse™ this holiday season: Zhu-Fari™, new jungle-themed ZhuZhu Pets by Cepia LLC. Wild and wacky, Zhu-Fari combines the cute charm of ZhuZhu Pets with a fun jungle-flare. Meet the toy in time for holiday; Zhu-Fari is sure to be on every child’s wish list!

Zhu-Fari™ Characters

New Zhu-Fari characters have the same unpredictable charm of ZhuZhu Pets® but with a jungle-twist! Like all ZhuZhu Pets, each character has its own name, birthday, biography, birthmark, and special collector’s number, reflecting their unique personality. Zhu-Fari characters move around on their own and make silly jungle-themed sounds. Simply press their back and watch them go. Watching Zhu-Fari characters is very entertaining! Kids can even collect mommy and baby Zhu-Fari in deluxe assortments.

Meet the Zhu-Fari™ Crew
Wild and fun, Zhu-Fari characters can’t wait to have an adventure with Zhu! Meet a few of the new Zhu-Fari crew:
  • Zulu and baby Button the giraffes: Zulu and Button love to explore, and due to their tall stature they can always be on the lookout! Named after her birthmark, Button is a pint-sized cutie while Zulu’s symbol of a flower indicates her sweet nature.
  • Jack and baby Wilder the lion: Jack is the noble leader of the Zhu-Fari crew, which is why his icon is a regal crown. He’s always looking after his fellow animals, especially baby Wilder 
  • Ozzy and baby Banana: These two monkeys are the entertainers, which is why Ozzy’s icon is a guitar. Ozzy loves to entertain Banana with music!

Zhu-Fari™ Playsets and Accessories
Build, change, and rearrange with Zhu-Fari! Just like all ZhuZhu Pets playsets and accessories, Zhu-natics can use their imaginations to expand their Zhu-niverse and create their own jungle-themed world.
  • Lion’s Park Playset: A playground for Zhu-Fari characters, the Lion’s Park Playset is an excellent environment for mommy and baby ZhuZhu’s. ZhuZhu Babies can slide down the slide, swing on the monkey swing, and play peek-a-boo.
  • Lion’s Rock Playset: Watch as Jack the lion watches over the Zhu-niverse with this playset. 
  • Jiggle-Bug Jungle Playset: Zhu-Fari characters frolic through the set as jiggle-bugs magically fall from the tree. There’s even a special spot for a baby located at the top of the tree! 
  • Zippity Zip-Line Playset: ZhuZhu Babies™ fly on zip-lines through the Zhu-nvierse in this playset! You can use the zip-lines to even connect different sets! 
  • Fun Rover: Explore the Zhu-niverse in this wacky vehicle! Watch as a fun surprise pops up!

  • Zhu-Fari will be available November 2011 at select retailers
  • Zhu-Fari™ characters, playsets and accessories are sold separately and range from $9.99 - $19.99, ages 4+
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