November 28, 2011

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The People’s Choice Awards of 2012 - My vote is for 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls reminds us that laughter is the key to our hearts. The People have spoken and the two lovable gals of 2 Broke Girls have been nominated for best New TV Comedy in The People’s Choice Awards of 2012.

In 2 Broke Girls they realize that dreams may come true through an honest day’s work. Max and Caroline’s dream is opening their own cupcake business.

My dream is similar to the  gals in 2 Broke Girls.   I love to bake and it is a passion of mine.  I have always dreamed of owning my own bakery.  I love to try never recipes and spend hours in the kitchen trying out new baked goods.  Some are flops, while others are a sure fire hit!  It is still a dream of mine that I will hold on to!   I even have my kids get into the baking aspect.  I am teaching my little girl to bake without measuring and to eyeball it.  So cute when she opens up her hands and states these are her measuring cups!

Another dream of mine was my art business.  It thrived for a while and I even had my own online shop.   Unfortunately with other companies being able to mass produce similar items at a cheap rate... I had to shut down my site.  Still I tried and still proud of it.  2 Broke Girls teaches us to go for our dreams no matter what!

Have you ever had a dream of opening up your own business? Have you ever had a dream that through hard work and dedication you were able to achieve?

Check out the People's Choice Awards site and vote:

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