November 9, 2011

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I was accused of using counterfeit coupons at Meijer !!!!

I adopted a dog this summer from the shelter.  Pedigree  has a great program that if you adopt a shelter dog you  get free dog food for a month. My coupons came this week for a Free bag up to $20 and a coupon for 4 free cans up to $4.76.  Coupons were still attached to the letter from Pedigree thanking us for adopting. 

Today I headed to Meijer to pick up a few items (pasta sauce, fruit, pet food, etc.). Werther’s Originals were on sale for $1.25 a bag and I had a $1 off 2 coupon, so I picked some up.  For some reason the coupon was not ringing up $1 off, but rather a $.01 off instead.  They cashier accused me of not buying Werther’s Originals; she picked up the bag and said I was buying soft caramels. I showed her the bag stated Werther’s Originals Soft Caramel and the coupon said $1 off any 2 bags of Werther’s Originals. She once again said they were not Werther’s Originals and walked away and another cashier said I was correct and took off $1.    I thought my coupon issues would end there and I was sadly mistaken.

The 2nd cashier (who accepted my Werther coupon)  ripped the coupons off of the Pedigree letter and took them to cashier who accused me initially..  She proceeds to get on the phone and call someone and was on the phone for a while.  She them comes over and states that the coupon for 4 free cans of Pedigree dog food (up to $4.76) was counterfeit and said I was trying to use counterfeit coupons.  I showed her the letter that was from Pedigree and she once again said it did not matter. She kept telling me, I was trying to use a counterfeit coupon as it had the same bar code as the $20 coupon.  I was embarrassed and upset and asked her to void the dog food.  In the process she voided a portion of my groceries, which in turn voided coupons that already were scanned.  She walked away and started talking to another employee about me and how I was using fake coupons.  It was so upsetting, she did not even care that I was standing there.   I had to interrupt her bad mouthing me to ask her if she could put back on the items and the coupons that she voided.  She then told other cashier to do it and walked away.  I seriously have never been treated so poorly by a cashier in all my couponing.

I was on my lunch break and had to leave as it was over 35 minutes in line dealing with these two women.  I have since sent emails to Meijer Corporate on how I was treated and to Pedigree letting them know that their coupons are being flagged as counterfeit.


  1. How rude! That definitely warrants a customer dissatisfaction email to the company! You should also complain to the manager.

  2. No way should you have been treated that way. Ok, so they have to turn your cpns down, whatever, but do it professionally. I bet someone has counterfeited those pedigree cpns. I recall from working as a meijer cashier many moons ago that we had a list of fake checks and fake coupons. If it was on there, we couldn't take it no matter what. But that means the ppl who actually have the real versions are screwed. I don't have the answer. Let us know how Corp replies.

  3. This is HORRIBLE! These women have no right to treat you so horribly. I hope that you got, or will get these two womens names because they need to be reported. Even if you were using counterfiet coupons they would have no right to treat you so badly, that is what our justice system is for- to prove someone inocent or guilty. Not two women working at a store. This makes me SO mad that people could treat you so badly because a coupon was not ringing up correctly. these coupons never ring up as the price, they will have to punch in the amount for a free product every time- as products are different prices. anyways, i really hope that you report these two women to the company. im so sorry! if this happened to me i would feel so embarrased and mad at the same time.