November 15, 2011

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Holiday GiftGuide -Xia-Xia

What are Xia-Xia?
Xia-Xia are cute, colorful hermit crabs that combine the loveable charm of a real hermit crab with an imaginative, playful twist. They can dance and sing and play, bringing to life a fantasy world and that encourages creative play for children.

What does the name mean?
The word Xia means "hope", "wish", or "rare" in Chinese, all things that embody the spirit of each Xia-Xia hermit crab. Plus, it’s a fun name for kids and parents to say.

Unpredictable. Collectible. Surprising—these are the key features behind Xia-Xia™, the new line of colorful hermit crab toys by Cepia LLC. Xia-Xia combines the loveable charm of a real hermit crab and adds an imaginative, playful twist. Kids are fascinated by hermit crabs for numerous reasons, including their colorful shells, tropical habitats, and silly crawl. Xia-Xia takes these features to the next level, bringing alive a fantasy world of color, magic, and wonder.

Xia-Xia™ Background
From the magical island of Xia-topia, Xia-Xia lives the carnival life: dancing to their favorite samba music throughout the day and night. They move their claws together, boogying to their favorite tunes. Clothed by their vividly decorated shell costumes, Xia-Xia will skitter scatter in a colorful parade. Joined by their little friends, they charmingly dance away to their favorite beats, enjoying the celebration that surrounds them. This is the magical life of the Xia-Xia.

Xia-Xia™ and Xia-Xia Shells
Enter into a land where crabs rule! In Xia-Xia, you’ll meet four lovable characters named after tropical islands: Trinidad, Tobago, Turks, and Bimini each have their own unique personalities, different colorful shells, and hidden little friends. Bonus shells can be collected with two additional little friends. Kids can interchange their shells, choosing between different colors, patterns, and styles to dress Xia-Xia in their favorite fashions. Styling Xia-Xia is half the fun! Press Xia-Xia’s leg and watch as it moves in a silly, wacky, and above all unpredictable manner. You never know where Xia-Xia is going to go!

Meet the Xia-Xia™ Characters
  • Trinidad: this orange crab loves to dance. Press his leg and watch him skitter scatter in a fun parade
  • Tobago: the adventure-seeking Xia-Xia, Tobago loves to explore Xia-topia. With a blue-and-black swirled shell, kids will love this adventuous crab
  • Turks: sweet and bubbly, Turks is an adorable companion. From her bows to her pink-and-red speckled shell, she is a cute crab to own
  • Bimini: is the “Fashionista” Xia-Xia with her pink polka-dotted and striped shell. Bimini loves to be dressed in different shell costumes
Xia-Xia™ Playsets
Xia-Xia playsets create a truly unique fantasyland for children. With playful colors and artistic detailing, each playset adds to Xia-Xia’s charming world. Highly entertaining, the Rio de Trio Village is a Xia-Xia’s dream. With three rooms, each with its own colorful d├ęcor, Xia-Xia can skitter scatter back and forth throughout the playset. The Copacabana Playset is perfect for Xia-Xia and friends to create magical adventures. The playhouse incorporates candy-colored floors and a playful peek-a-boo window, encouraging Xia-Xia to frolic throughout the set. Kids can even take Xia-Xia on the go with the Confetti Cottage, the miniature portable playhouse. For an added bonus, the Copacabana Playset and Confetti Cottage connect, encouraging kids to create their own fantasy world!

  • Xia-Xia will be available at select major retailers in October 2011 
  • Xia-Xia hermit crabs, playsets, and accessories range in price from $4.99-$19.99, ages 4 and older


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