October 31, 2011

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November 3rd = National Sandwich Day (free lunch meat for select people)

Land O’Frost celebrate its favorite upcoming holiday – National Sandwich Day!

It may NOT be a holiday that you consciously celebrate on November 3rd, but if you’re like more than half of Americans, you sure have reason to get excited about National Sandwich Day! A recent national survey from Land O’Frost found that more than half (51%) eat sandwiches for lunch the majority of the time.

Back in the 1700’s, John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich in Britain created the ever-popular meal between bread as a way to consume his lunch using just one hand while he was on a 24-hour gambling binge (holding his cards in the other!) The date, November 3, marks John Montagu’s birthday, and in his honor, has been forever declared National Sandwich Day. Those of us who are big sandwich fans might even call them by the familiar nickname of Sammy (or Sammie).

To mark their favorite holiday, Land O’Frost is giving all relatives of “Sandwich” (that’s Sammy, Sam, Samuel or Samantha or similar variations) another reason to mark the holiday.  In the fun tradition of the nickname, Land O’Frost is giving a free lifetime supply of lunch meat to the first baby named Sam (or some variation) born on Nov. 3rd (how’s THAT for a birthday present!?) In addition, the company will be offering a free package of lunch meat to each and every person named Sam in the U.S. – and if you’re wondering, that’s an estimated 150,000 people (and counting) in the US. Another fun fact, according to the Social Security Association, the name Samuel is 24 on the list of 2010 most popular names, and Samantha ranked 15 among females in 2010.

Land O’Frost is also making it their goal to congratulate “every single Sam” on Twitter with a special tweet. For everyone named Sam or Samantha that tweets and follows the company back at @LandOFrost will be donating $1 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)*.

Here are a few fun facts about sandwiches from a recent Land O’Frost survey:
  • Gobble, gobble…One in three Americans say turkey is their favorite lunchmeat. Next up is roast beef, followed by ham. 
  • Holy cow…One third of men prefer roast beef, compared to one in five women.
  • Crunch on this…Half of Americans say that potato chips are their favorite sandwich side dish, whereas only 10 percent select fruit or veggies to accompany their sandwich. 
  • Working lunch! More than one third of Americans eat lunch at their desk at work, whereas only six percent regularly eat lunchmeat at a restaurant 
  • Got a sweet tooth? One in four Americans say they like their lunch meats sweet, such as honey ham.
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