September 28, 2011

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Ten best strategies for de-cluttering and organizing toys in your child’s playroom #WallTracks

Hot Wheels® has introduced the all-new Wall Tracks™ sets to help moms everywhere clean up toy clutter! Hot Wheels® has been listening to moms and found that we couldn't stand the mess from our kids’ toys.   No more trying or stepping on little cars and momma going skating!

Kids can now take their Hot Wheels® races where they've never gone before - off the floor and onto the walls! Now they can perform stunts, speed, turns, and tricks, powered by gravity and set up any way you can imagine it - and it’s off the floor! Kids can mix, match, and combine with other Wall Tracks™ sets to create all-new Hot Wheels® track layouts. And the best part? No more clutter for us moms!

In honor of the new Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks™ toy release let’s stand together to fight clutter and take the pledge to clean up the play room!  If you and the kids keep on top of the play room/bedroom than you can keep the mess down to a minimum!  My kids are not super messy, but they have their moments!   They both know that when they are done playing, everything must be put away!

Here are my ten tips for de-cluttering and organizing toys in my kids’ playroom or bedroom!
  1. Invest in storage units. Child friendly storage units/bins encourage children to want to put their toys away and keep their room clean!  Make sure those bins are labeled with a Sharpie or labels!
  2. Sort and organize everything in above mentioned storage units. My children both have bin each of their rooms and they know to sort and store similar toys together.  My Little Ponies and Pet shops go together.  Barbie and all her accessories together and so one!  If like toys are together, than you won't hear "mom, where is my...".
  3.  Sort through clothing, making piles of clothes to keep, donate and store.  The more room in their closets and drawers will elevate piles of clothes on the floor and thus the kids will have more of play space! Plus you will know if you need to go shopping and get some bigger sizes!
  4.  When a child is younger, closets have a lot of unused space.  Make use to that space by moving dresser, hampers, etc. into the closet! A closet saver can make use of that unused space. Now the kids will have more play area, storage area, etc.
  5. A book shelf is a must!  Teach children young to respect books!  When they are done, just like at the library, put the book back!   Arrange books by size!   This is important!!!! ALWAYS secure bookcases to the wall!!!
  6. Sort through all games and puzzles, making sure the pieces are all intact. If not, pitch! Put all small pieces in plastic bags to avoid them getting lost.
  7. Before bringing new toys into the room, have your child get rid of toys that are no longer age appropriate, broken etc. On the same thought, teach your children early about donating and giving back.   This will help them understand cleaning, organizing and their toys will go to a child who needs them!
  8. If the playroom/bedroom is the same room, make sure your child knows to make the bed everyday.  A clean bed helps to set the tone!
  9. Stuffed animals are a crazy mess here.  We bought some super cool toy hangers from IKEA that hangs from the ceiling and the children put the animals in different openings.  You can also pick up a net to hang in the corner of the room
  10. Make clean-up fun!  Set a timer, play a special song, etc.  We always sing a made up clean up song!
 I hope this has inspired you to de-clutter!!!  With Christmas around the corner and the new toys that will be filling their rooms, now is the perfect time to get at it!!

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