September 22, 2011

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Take the Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside! #C2Play2Day

Do you play outdoors with your family? The Worldwide Day of Play is the centerpiece of Nickelodeon's The Big Help, a program to empower kids and families to make healthy lifestyle choices every day. On September 24, 2011, kids and families are encouraged to participate in the Worldwide Day of Play to turn off the TV and play outside. Physical activity can improve health, self-esteem and the well being of children. Teach kids a healthier lifestyle of limited TV time and a more physical activities.  Clorox 2® is a proud sponsor of Nickelodeon's 8th Annual Worldwide Day of Play. So take the Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside!

We are an active outdoor family.  Currently my daughter is on a soccer team and they practice twice a week and have games once a week.  Well my hubby the great man that he is, helps coach!  So no sitting idly on the sidelines for us.  While he is out running drills with the girls, my son and I are playing tag, horsing around and kicking the soccer ball.   My kids love it and my son is anxiously awaiting till he is 5 so he can play too!

Playing outside and being part of a team is important to our family.  It is not only healthy for them, but teaches them about teamwork, playing fair, sharing and so much more.  Staying physically active boosts energy, lowers anxiety and stress and builds friendships.  Just this summer both kids were on the same t-ball team!  I thought their bond and brother and sister could not get any stronger, but watching them play as a team, routing each other on, proved me wrong. 

Well now the temps are dropping and leaves are starting the fall, it is the perfect time to take this kids on a hike, not only do they get fresh air, but it can be an educational experience!  We listen for deer, spot flowers, bugs, collect pine cones, etc.   Heck, even jump in mud puddles, find walking sticks, etc.  The kids honestly love it!  My daughter loves to pick up acorn caps and calls them "fairy hats", while my son is on the watch for a "troll" on the loose!  Outside play also lets the imagination flow!

No time between school, work and activities to get out and play.  Just a simple walk around the block, playing fetch with the dog, etc. is great too. 

So what are your plans for the Clorox2 Play 2Day?  I am sure we will be cashing the kids around the yard in a game of hide and seek!   Gotta love how the dogs always give away where the kids are hiding!  Will you be jumping in a pile of leaves with the kids, going on a scavengers hunt, playing a sport or something else?  Stop by the Clorox2 Play 2Day Pledge hub,, to show your family’s support of a healthier lifestyle.   Turn off the TV, put away the game systems and get active!

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