September 13, 2011

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Planing a Play Date has never been easier!!! #PlayDohPlayDates

Have you ever heard of or checked out Play-Doh Play-Dates.  I just learned about the site and I love it! Play-Doh Play-Dates gives parents all the ideas of hosting the perfect play-date!  Click on a theme and they give you step-by-step instructions to create PLAY-DOH Fresh Ideas, printable crafts, and healthy snacks!   You will be the talk of the play date circuit!  You and your children will enjoy virtually endless hours of imaginative play with fun and engaging PLAY-DOH Play-Date ideas.

There are a variety of themes!   Enough to keep you and kids busy!  The themes include:
  • Breakfast Diner: Make a Waffle Log Cabin, Happy Face Eggs and Bacon and Happy Face Pancakes. Craft a Breakfast Diner Menu, Chef Hat, or Breakfast Diner Order Pad.
  • Ice-cream Shoppe: Make a Cone Hat Sundae and Orange Pop. Craft Waffle Cones or an Ice Cream Order Pad. Make Fruit Juice Pops.
  • Pizza Shop: Make a Calzone, Gelatto or Pizza. Craft a Pizza Box, Pizza Menu or Open Sign. Snack on English Muffin Pizza or Organic Soup.
  • Beach Party: Make a Beach Chair, Life Preserver, Seagull and Dolphin. Craft a Beach Umbrella, Mat, Pam Tree and Sand Box. Make Banana OJ Pops.
  • Back to School: Make Chalk, an Eraser, a Desk, Globe and Milk Carton. Craft an Activity Book, Chalkboard, School Supply Holder and World Map Play Mat. Make Trail Mix.
  • Spring Picnic: Make an Ant, Juice Box, Fruit Bowl and Sandwich. Craft a Picket Fence, Picnic Blanket, Picnic Basket, and Pot a Plant in an empty Play-Doh container! Make Ants on a Log for a snack.
September’s theme for the Play-dates website is Pizza Shop!   The kids always want to help make pizzas at home, but some of the ingredients are too hot and I do not want them near the stove.  This is perfect for them to play, while mommy cooks! What I love is this site gives you step by step directions.

So  just print the images and the kids can follow along.  Plus with Play-Doh it gets the creative juices flowing.   My children even added different toppings to their pizzas!   My son is a plain cheese kind of kid, while my daughter got creative and made hers with "ham" and "banana peppers"  or so that is what she told me they were!  Below are a couple pictures of my son's "creations"...  he claimed they were cheese pizzas, but looked like more of a burger to me, but that is where creativity comes into play.   Play-Doh allows kids to let their imagination loose.   They can look at pictures and directions, but come up with something on their own!     He even made me a "heart pizza"!!!

Next up was making the boxes to deliver their creations in!!! You can print the pattern for the pizza box on  card stock  or a heavy paper.   Either cut the boxes out yourself or monitor the children with safety scissors and fold/tape the boxes!

Play-Doh Play-Date activities are perfect for your own children,  play dates, preschool classes and even day cares.  Play-Doh Play-Date activities takes care of the planning  for you!   Plus since you can download printable instructions, plans and ideas all in one place it will save you time and energy!

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