September 26, 2011

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Let’s Get Real About Extreme Couponing

I have previously shared articles by Rasha at AFC, well she has another article on Extreme Couponing here:  Extremely Unrealistic Expections – Let’s Get Real About Extreme Couponing

I swear I was at Target and ran into an Extreme Couponer.  She honestly cleared the shelf off all the Lipton Iced tea that was on sale.  I went down the aisle to get 2 bottles (had a BOGO coupon) and she saw me waiting to grab a couple and she said to her hubby, just clear the shelf.... we have enough coupons for all of them.


  1. She is a prime example of setting limits. She is also very greedy with no consideration for others. Life goes in a will come back to her.

  2. Hey- It's Erin from Indiana Coupon Savings. I have been couponing for years and the show extreme couponing has brought the worst out of people. It makes me sad but this fad will fade and we will all still be around using coupons. Some of these people have real hoarding issues. I can't watch the makes my stomach hurt because it is not potraying real women and men trying to save money.