September 18, 2011

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Big Bang Theory Season 4 on DVD: Friendship

“Four seasons in, it is still laugh-out-loud funny. Every episode, every week,” USA Today’s Robert Bianco says about the hit series The Big Bang Theory.

Until season 4, 'The Big Bang Theory' primarily focused on the core friendship of the guys with Penny as the lone girl. In Season 4, Penny gets some girlfriends with the introduction of Bernadette and Amy.   I love how the show has evolved and now the geeks are getting some great gals!   What are your thought on guys and girls having a standalone deep friendship or do girls need girl time and guys need time with the boys?
I think it is a combination of both.  As a woman and a mom, I enjoy some girl time.  I need that time (once a month), to let loose, hang with my girls and just dish. It is honestly one of the fun activities I look forward to!  Whether it is cupcake baking or heading our to the comedy clubs, a girls night out and girl time is a must!   But time with the guys is just as great too!  I enjoy curling on the couch with my guy and watching some sports too!

Want to see the guys and gals joke and have a great time, then get caught up on Season Four buy ordering it online: The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-Ray):

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory Season 4 on DVD."


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