September 30, 2011

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The Big Bang Theory in Syndication: “The Middle Earth Paradigm”

The Big Bang Theory is now on 5 Nights a Week ahead on over to and check your local listings.    Now you can relive all the funny moments 5 nights a week!

“The Middle Earth Paradigm” from Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory aired on Monday 9/26. Perfect timing with Halloween right around the corner.   In the episode, the gang attends a costume party in Penny’s apartment.   The gang initially all dress as the Flash character, which was hilarious!   They decide to change and each of the guys choose a new outfit!

Penny dresses as a cat, Sheldon dresses as the doppler effect, Leonard is Frodo from Lord of the Rings, Howard is Robin Hood but gets mistaken for Peter Pan and Raj is Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Each costume is interesting for each (Raj, the quietest of the group, is the god of thunder).   Seriously, Raj can barely speak a peep in front of a woman, but is Thor!   The long blond hair on him is hilarious.

Penny's cat outfit is a little risque, but that is Penny.  Pushing the envelope and being her own person.    Howard looks creepy, definitely not Robin Hood, but an adult version of Peter Pan, he just threw some arrows on his back.  But in all honestly it works on Howard, he is always wearing tight clothing or akward outfits, so I would not expect anything different.

I think Leonard's outfit takes the cake.   He is the perfect Frodo, he looks like a Hobbit to begin with!  He is the winner of the costume contest in my book.    Shelden, is Sheldon and I would not expect anything less from him.  I understand his thought behind the doppler effect and his outfit does work, but to a normal person,  he appears to be just wearing a black and white outfit.   So what are your thoughts on the costumes?  Who do you think should be the winner?

  The Big Bang Theory is now on 5 Night a Week head on over to to check local listings.

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