August 26, 2011

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Gossip Girl: Season 4 on DVD (Summer Vacation)

Gossip Girl's Season 4 is coming to DVD!

From the avenues of Paris back to the hustle and bustle of New York City, Gossip Girl is came out with their fourth season on DVD on August 23rd! If you have not picked it up yet, what are you waiting for. If you have been missing out on your Dan, Serena, Nate love triangle, Blair and Chuck conspiring against someone or each other, then this is perfect for you!    Pick up the complete 4th season now, to refresh your memories and get you ready for season 5!

So much relationship drama unfolds in the fourth season, available for order here!
Summer vacations are always a blast. In Season 4, ep. 1 Belles de Jour, Serena and Blair enjoy their summer vacation in Paris trying to take their minds off of home. When Serena and Blair take this lavish trip to Paris, they experience the food, culture, fashion, and even romance! Blair meets a French royal that wants to sweep her off her feet, gets into a major spat with Serena, and even bumps into her ex, Chuck.

Have you ever had a dream vacation that you wanted to take?  I sure do.  Some day I will get to visit Europe and stroll down the cobble stone roads, hit the art museums, visit cafes and more.    There is so much history, art, and culture that I can not wait explore.  While watching Season 4, I got to live vicariously through Serena and Blair.  Watching Blair sit in the art museum and take in the art , is what I would love to do!   No need for me to meet a Prince as I am already married to mine! 

Too busy for a summer vacation? Join Serena and Blair in Paris with Season 4 of Gossip Girl !"

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Gossip Girl Season Four on DVD."


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