August 10, 2011

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Changing Diaper tips for a Squirmy baby! #SlipOnHUGGIES

Babies are always on the move -- but some babies are just downright squirmier than others. They’re so excited to see what’s going on, they can hardly sit still. Changing a squirmy baby’s diaper can be a workout, but Huggies new Little Movers Slip-On Diapers make it easy to handle the wiggliest of little wonders. Just catch, slip on, and release! It’s that easy.

Most of us are parents and can remember the baby/diaper stages! Did you have a squirmy baby? Did your little one not stay still on the changing table? I remember having to position myself and the diaper supplies all with in arms reach or my little stinker would be all over the place! Just as one little sticky diaper tab was attached, she would be moving all around, trying to get out my grasp! I ended up changing her on the floor most days for safety! Well relief is in sight with new quick-change Little Movers Slip-on Diapers from Huggies. No more trying to hold baby down with one hand and get that diaper on! Now there are Slip-on Diapers from Huggies! They remind me of a Pull-Up for babies! Oh how I wish they were around when my kids were babies!

Need some tips to keep baby still and pre-occupied while changing? Well here are some on OneMommaSavingMoney’s tips:
  • If your changing table has a strap, then strap them in. Safety is number one priority!!!  If you do not have a strap and afraid they may roll off the table, change the baby on the floor on an old towel!
  • Sing to them! My kids would get a kick out of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes… of course I moved their little hands for them. It made changing time so much fun! Once they got older, they would touch their little noses, ears, etc. to the song!
  • Have a specific changing table toy! Something baby only gets to play with when it is dirty diaper time! I had a toy that made music and belly would spin. My little girl would look forward to it! 
  • Make a photo album safe for baby and let baby look at it while getting changed. Helps baby to learn far away relatives and recognize them! 
  • Strap on a mobile and give baby something to look at! 
  • When the baby is older, have them help! My kids would help hold the diaper (clean on of course) while I wiped. They even would toddle over to the diaper pail and put their dirty ones in it too!
Just remember to have fun! No one is perfect and the more practice you get, the better you will be!

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