July 29, 2011

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Why yes, that is a crazy flower in my hair and I LOVE it!

My son is 4 and attends preschool/daycare.  The children get re-warded with tickets if they do something nice, like helping clean with out being asked, etc.   The children are then able to cash their tickets in for various things, a special lunch with a teacher,  coloring books, stickers, etc. The kids also get visited by the bookmobile twice a month.and sometimes they each get to pick a prize out of a prize bin for "reading".  

I am not sure if it was tickets my son cashed in or if it was a prize from the bookmobile, but he felt his mommy needed flowers.   Thus he bought me a barrette with three yellow/orange Hibiscus flowers on it.   He asked that I wear it till bed time, as he wanted everyone to see how pretty it was.  I of course obliged!

He previously purchased me a foam ring, as he though his mommy should have pretty things!   Watch out ladies, my little guy is going to swoon one of  your daughters some day!    He is already making my heart melt!


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