July 13, 2011

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Tips for making life easier and more efficient while on the go #officiallatte

This summer, Seattle’s Best Coffee® is introducing the Official Latte of Pretty Much Everything. The convenient grab-and-go cans fit perfectly with a mom’s hectic schedule. The kids are home from school and looking for fun activities to fill their days and life as a mom just shifted into high gear for the summer months! The delicious, refreshing iced latte from Seattle’s Best Coffee® is an effortlessly bring-alongable quick pick-me-up to help you get through the day on the go. With three tasty options, Seattle’s Best Coffee® Iced Lattes are officially the easiest way to enjoy a cold, creamy latte wherever life takes you this summer.

To celebrate this delicious new, summer drink, Social Moms teamed up with Seattle’s Best Coffee®  had bloggers bring you tips for making life easier and more efficient while on the go.  

So here are OneMommaSavingMoney’s ten tips for making your life easier and more efficient while on the go!

1. Now that summer is here and the heat is on, our fridge is filled with portable drinks for on the go. I am an avid coffee drinker, but in the morning on the way to work I love a nice cool drink! So I can grab water or a Seattle’s Best Coffee Ice Latte right out of my fridge! Saves time on stopping at the gas station to grab a drink and saves money!

2. Along the same lines is pre-pack the lunches! After the kids are in bed for the night, I go ahead and separate out the lunches and pre-pack them for the morning. It is convenient for grab and go!

3. My phone is my life! With my smartphone, I use the calendar feature to program events, functions etc. I know where I have to be and at what time. Plus I use the reminder feature, so it will beep at me to let me know what is coming up!

4.  Use auto-fill on prescriptions. It is a time saver, no more sitting waiting for your prescriptions, just subscribe to auto fill and head to your pharmacy and pick up your meds!

5. If the kids are running late, then momma is running late too! So to help make my life easier I lay out the kids’ outfits, bags, etc. the night before.

6. Use a GPS while traveling! While on the go, it takes time to look at a map, get directions, etc. A GPS can do that all for you! No more pulling over in a random gas station!  Unless it is to refuel on Seattle's Best Coffee!

7. Have a stash of toys and books in the car for the kids. This way you do not have to wait on your kids to figure out what they want to bring with them in the car. Have delegated toy cars that they only see in the car! If the kids are happy, then momma is happy!

8. Got free time, use it effectively! I get an hour lunch break, so I grab and eat my sandwich in the car on the way to the grocery store! I do some of my shopping on my lunch break and store in my fridge. This way I do not have to haul the kids to the store all the time! Thus more time with the family!

9. My coffee machine is programmed to start making coffee 15 minutes before I get up. So I wake up to a nice hot pot every morning! Just pour and go!

10. Crock-pot cooking. You can seriously have an entire dinner made with little effort and little time! Perfect meal for a family that is always on the go. Nice to come home to a readymade meal!

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