July 13, 2011

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CallReminder: The Mobile Memory Aid

CallReminder: The Mobile Memory Aid

How many times a week do you end a phone call, then instantly remember something else you wanted or needed to talk about with that person?

Let’s face it – we’re all super busy, and most moms can no longer remember everything (or perhaps anything?!) without some type of memory aid. Sound familiar?: "Next time I talk to (X (my husband, the babysitter, the pediatrician, my mother, the football/dance/soccer coach, my eldest son’s teacher, our realtor, the dentist, my boss, etc.)), I should not forget to mention…”?

Don't you wish there was an easy and convenient way to access that information when you need it - at the right moment... when you actually speak over the phone with that person? Well – get rid of that doggy eared notebook that’s lying somewhere in the bottom of your handbag (that you forget to look at anyway)… you don’t need it!

I recently came across CallReminder – a new, convenient Android app that allows you to assign a reminder note to a contact and display the note on your screen the next time you talk to that person.

It’s so easy. Whenever something crosses your mind that you need to share with a particular person next time you speak - just create a Reminder Note and attach it to one or more contacts from your phone. Next time you talk to him/her from your cell, you’ll see that Reminder Note pop up on the screen. Viola!

See how this cool app works

To find out more, visit: http://www.finmouse.com/callreminder/

If you try it and love it, tell us!

PRODUCT WEBSITE: www.finmouse.com/callreminder
TO BUY Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.finmouse.android.callreminder&feature=search_result
TO BUY Blackberry Market: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/47835?lang=en
Android DEMO Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzFeX9TMzyg

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