May 29, 2011

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Enjoying the Holiday weekend

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend.  Friday night we arrived in PA at my in-laws house on the lake.  Excitement started when a bat flew into the house and the boys caught it with a fish net and freed the little bugger back outside.   Saturday we went trout fishing in the stream, but did not catch anything, so we came back to fish off the boat dock at the house.   My 3 year old fell in the lake and hubby jumped in to grab him.  Unfortunately he had his glasses on, his android phone in his pocket along with his wallet and keys with the remote control on it.   My son was fine and actually started using his swim lessons and surfaced by himself!  We have had the keys and phone in rice hoping they dry out  and work.   My hubby and father-in law then spent 30-45 minutes searching for his glasses in the bottom of the lake near the dock and luckily found them!

It has been one thing after another here this weekend!   Sure wasn't quiet, but enjoyable.  We will be heading home late tonight and I will be back to the deals then!  Have a safe and wonderful holiday tomorrw!!!


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