March 26, 2011

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Kids books!

Looking for some different types of children books?   Well here are a few for you to consider!

If a Dog Could Blog
By: Lisa Breeden Garcia
Illustrated By: Susan Shorter
Tsunamis...gun battles..skunk hunts..and lots of BELLY RUBS! Your pup may be dozing away the day. NOT Princess Lola LaDeaux aka Killer! This little basset has daily adventures and close calls...shakedowns by Mom and Dad...a coterie of basset buddies..and of course, the constant Battle of the Basset Bulge. And she shares all in her sort-of daily on-line diary.

This book bring to life the daily happenings of Basset Hound. Killer, who lives with her (human) parents and her little sister (a Great Dane).  Killer blogs about her family and her crazy adventures.  A totally new and interesting concept!

Audrey Kinsella 

Ever wonder how well your dog understands what you need? What about thinking that he knows that he wants to assist (if only you'd let him)?

Meet Dingle ... a dog who really wants to help, what a switch! Join him on his journey to get his ideas on the table, the outdoor ice cream cone stand table one very hot summer day.

Dingle is a sweet dog, owned by an elderly woman in a wheelchair. His owner feels that she can do everything she needs to do, so there is no need for a service dog.  But Dingle  wants to be the perfect service dog and in this story you will follow Dingle  on his journey to being a great service dog!

D.L. Skandle 

Little Duckie is busy, busy, busy!  With so much to do throughout the day, how will it all get done?

Maybe trusty Mommy can help her out!  That is a mother wolf raising a baby duck!  This book appeals to both children and parents (parents can totally relate to mommy wolf)!   This book is a nice short read, adorable illustrations and perfect for a nap time or bedtime story!


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