March 7, 2011

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42 Ways to Recycle Crafts eBook

Just this past weekend, I took my recyclables to the recycle center.  Well ours are in a grocery store parking lot and have the big doors on the side, so you can reach right in!    When  I was dropping off my stuff, on top was a bag full of insert coupons!  Score #1!   Then when I took plastics to that dumpster, I found 7 rolls of brand new Christmas wrapping paper (why someone threw paper in plastic, but hey I took it)!  Score #2!   

Well one person's recyclables are another person's  treasures!!!

Reduce, reuse, recycle. These are famous words that we've all heard before. Before throwing out all your trash take a second look at what you might be able to save. There are tons of crafts you can create with your recyclables. Look in the Recycle eBook to find out what you can create. Once you're done licking the yogurt out of the container don't throw it out, reuse it. You can be very creative.


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