February 25, 2011

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CartBuster! Save money at Kroger!

I love a great deal.  Well who doesn’t right? Well Kroger’s popular CartBuster savings event offers deep discounts on popular items.  During this 14-day promotion running from February 27 to March 12th, customers will receive CartBuster savings on products from favorite brands like P&G, General Mills, Nestle, and Pepsi by visiting the Kroger Facebook page. You can expect to find deals like this: 
  • Each Deal of the Day is available through the end of the event (while supplies last)
  • Big savings store-wide including couponing on top of the Deal of the Day
  • Deal of the Day Contest for a chance to win the daily deal for free (while supplies last)
So how do you make the most of your shopping trip?  I find it best to know the sales ahead of time.  A number of stores release an email ahead of time of the deals they will be offering the following week.   This if perfect for us coupon cutters.   This allows me time to search online and go through my piles of inserts to save the most money.  I also enlist my friends.  I have a group of ladies I have been trading coupons with for a number of years!
When promotions like the Kroger CartBuster program are offered at stores, this is way you can get the most bang for your buck! When you pair and amazing sale like the one Kroger’s will be offering with coupons, you can save a serious amount of money, let alone get a number of items for free or close to free!
Some more tips: 
  • Don’t limit yourself to just store brands.  Just because you have a coupon for a name brand item, make sure you look at the prices and sizes.  Sometimes, not always the store brand without a coupon is a better deal than a name brand product. 
  •   Don’t head out to the store hungry.  Otherwise everything will look good and you will come home with a car of overpriced food items! 
  • Stockpile! I am not talking about going crazy, but if there is a great sale and you can score items that will last a long while for free or close to free then do it! I normally stockpile pasta, pasta sauce, toilet paper, salad dressings, tooth brushes, etc. I just finally ran out of a year’s supply of toilet paper (which I got all for free)! 
  • Plan your meals ahead of time. If you meal plan, you can stock pile sale items, search out coupons and more to save money! 

  • Bottom line it does take a little time to save money. But it is totally worth it. I have seen my grocery bill for a family of four go down significantly! The money I save by going to deals like the Kroger CartBuster program has allowed us to go to movies as a family, out to dinner and even go on family vacations!

Disclosure: “I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms Kroger CartBuster blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate, click here


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