January 17, 2011

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The Perfect Valentine Day Gift to Perfect Your Marriage

Why Don't You Understand? A Gender Relationship Dictionary
Dr. Karen Gail Lewis

You already know men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Yet, knowing this doesn't prevent you and your partner from hurting each other with your miscommunication. More than 60% of relationship problems result from couples not understanding each others language.

This book, the world's first gender relationship dictionary, translates more than 70 words and phrases you regularly use that have very different meanings for your partner. Understanding the real meaning of these words, as used in Male-ese and Female-ese, will rescue you and your partner from frustrating bickering and painful arguments. At last your good intentions will be heard!

Men, are you ever
• Frustrated that no matter what you do for her, it's not enough?
• Baffled by why she just can't say what she means, why she's so indirect?

Women, are you ever
• Resentful that he doesn't really listen to you?
• Hurt and confused when he just walks out of the room - in the middle of an argument?

Get this dictionary before your next argument! 

This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift to give your loved one, one that won't melt in your hands, fade away, require your know his size, or need batteries.

This gift, a gender relationship dictionary, helps eliminate some of those little (and not so little) spats that can erode love and affection. Everyone knows men are from Mars and women from Venus, but that doesn't tell you what you can do to remove those repetitive annoyances, or the big arguments, that erupt when least expected -- the ones that come from not understanding gender differences. This little (90 pages) dictionary describes the problems and provides the answers.  Why Don't You Understand? A Gender Relationship Dictionary has the words that have different meanings to men than to women; it includes typical examples that trip up couples and offers alternative responses.   And, best of all, a step-by-step guideline for having a Good Argument.   $15 is a great way to make sure 2011 is even better than this year.   Don't have your next argument without it!

Buy it on Amazon.com for $15.00 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

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