January 11, 2011

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Nasoya Pledge= Coupons, Sweeps and freebies!

Take the pledge to be a healthier you by cooking with tofu once a week for one month. Pledge and get an instant Nasoya coupon. Make sure to download this coupon because you'll receive an exclusive link to take the Nasoya Poll where you'll be entered to win a Kindle. Plus, you'll also receive weekly coupons for one month in your inbox to help you stay motivated.

Complete the pledge and get a free Nasoya T-shirt or Gym Shorts. It’s soy simple

1. Buy four (4) Nasoya tofu products of your choice
2. Cook four Tofu U recipes
3. Send us the 4 UPC labels. *See qualifying details below.
4. Select your swag

* Original UPC code from the package must be sent it. No copies will be accepted.
Qualifying Nasoya tofu items:
• Nasoya Cubed Super Firm: 0-25484-00029-2 • Nasoya Extra Firm: 0-25484-00012-4
• Nasoya Firm: 0-25484-00010-0 • Nasoya Soft: 0-25484-00011-7
• Nasoya Silken: 0-25484-00013-1 • Nasoya Lite Firm: 0-25484-00021-6
• Nasoya Lite Silken: 0-25484-00020-9 • Nasoya TofuPlus Extra Firm: 0-25484-00648-5
• Nasoya TofuPlus Firm: 0-25484-00649-2


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