January 1, 2011

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Easy ways to earn money/gift cards and other stuff

There are a number of sites you can use to earn free money, gift cards, etc.      Please feel free to leave links and info in the comments other great sites!
I am seriously in love with Swagbucks. I think it’s one of the easiest ways to make earn gift cards, pay pal money and other great products.  I just joined Swagbucks in the past year and its so easy!  I have already earned over  $100 in Amazon gift cards.   I have been saving them to get my hubby a Kinect!   So just think of what you could be saving for!!!  You’re already doing internet searches anyway, so why not use a search engine that pays you? Here’s how it works.
Just sign up for Swagbucks. Make Swagbucks your home page so you always use it for your searches, also download their tool bar for easy searched when you are not on their homepage. Then, start searching! You usually earn swagbucks every few searches.Watch the SB blog, facebook page and twitter accounts for additional codes! Redeem your swagbucks for gift cards for Amazon, Lowes, Target, Starbucks and more, or put the money in your paypal account! If you are not using Swagbucks, you’re missing out on FREE money for searching the web! There’s no obligation and no strings attached. Check it out!

My Points is super easy. They send you several emails per day. Click on the link to their advertiser site, usually at the bottom of the email and you earn 5 points. . You can earn more points if you sign up for their offers, but you don’t have to and I never have.  You can also download their tool bar for more points.   Do so many searches each month and earn bonus points. If you plan to shop online, link through MyPoints and earn so many points per dollar depending on site.   Then redeem points for gift cards!  There’s no obligation and no strings attached. Check it out!

New to Ebates? Well you earn cash back on your shopping! If you join now through this link you will get $5! So if you are going to be online shopping anyway, sign up with Ebates and shop through their site!!!

Think of Ebates as a local mall with over 1,200 different stores but with one huge difference. Online stores pay Ebates a commission (think of it as a finders' fee) on every sale and they split this amount with the consumer. Each store pays a different commission so users will save different amounts at different stores; users just have to look at the percentage next to the store name to see how much they will save.

New way to earn gift cards.  Similar to Swagbucks/My Points!!!

1. Register: The sign up process takes about 10 seconds, and we'll even give you 10 FREE BONUS POINTS when you register.

2. Earn points: All you have to do is watch videos and build points to FREE gift vouchers to use at online stores such as Amazon, Itunes, Wal Mart! Watching videos to earn these points are FREE, and if you want MORE points take some fast free surveys. You can also earn points by signing up to some trial offers, but we recommend you stick to the free videos for now.

3. Get a Free voucher: Once you have earned enough points on Cant Beat Free Gift Cards and Vouchers you can swap them for REAL $ 25.00 vouchers, which can be used at participating store. Choose from big retailers such as Amazon or BestBuy. Or perhaps you'd prefer iTunes vouchers, Xbox Live points, or Walmart vouchers. The choice is yours!

Inbox Dollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping! New enrollees also receive $5 just for joining

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  1. I wasn't a big fan of swagbucks. I always ended up turning to google to find what I was looking for. I never got bucks from taking a survey. My first week I racked up points because of the new-ness of it all, but found I haven't used it in a long time. Thanks for giving a quick run down on these sites, I found it super helpful. I just wrote a blog asking people how they keep all these points straight. Any tips?