December 3, 2010

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Guest Post: Gazelle's Top Gadget Holiday Gifts

By: Anthony Scarsella, Chief Gadget Officer, Gazelle
Here at Gazelle we know a lot about gadgets – probably a little too much. But one thing we can all be certain about is that with all of the great devices and games on the market this holiday season, it is harder than ever to decide which ones are worth the hype and which ones are not. 

Hundreds of devices come through our doors every day, and I make sure to test out as many as I can in order to give you the scoop on what to buy, what to wait for and what to trade in. To help you sort through all of the gift possibilities, here’s a look at some of the top devices that are on my radar for the holiday season and my list of the top 5 holiday gifts for kids.
Now that Apple has totally revamped their suite of iPods and slashed prices, the new models – including the 4th generation iPod Touch and 6th generation iPod Nano – are sure to make reasonably priced gifts for one or more. 

I expect the iPad to generate massive holiday sales but a series of Android tablets are also expected to hit the market, which could steal some of the new Apple product’s moxie. If you’re an Android fan the Galaxy Tab is a great option and more pocket friendly measuring only 7 inches. Some might want to wait on a new iPad as rumors are spinning of a new iPad 2 with FaceTime support that could launch early next year 

Smart Phones
Apple’s iPhone 4 will likely remain one of the most popular gifts this holiday season, but there will also be many other worthy entrants to the market – enough to make any Grinch smile. Look for Android & Windows Phone 7 powered devices like the LG Quantum, the T-Mobile HTC G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S series (available on every carrier) to steal some of the iPhone’s thunder.

Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Kids

 1. Nintendo DSi XL - if portable gaming is what your kids crave, the DSI XL has it all…plus more. An onboard mp3 player and digital camera make this an ideal gift for the little gadget guru. Nintendo also features many educational titles which make it ideal for students too. $169
2. Kodak M530 - the m530 from Kodak is a perfect little snapper for kids. This affordable model is durable and takes quality pictures. With kids glued to Facebook, they want to share their latest moments with all their friends. The m530 represents a great beginners camera option for kids. $89
3. Xbox Kinect/PS Move - kids always want the latest and greatest when it comes to video games.  The Wii was hot in previous years, but the new Kinect and Move add-ons are all the rage in motion based gaming now. Kinect $149/PS Move $99
4. Apple iPad - yup even kids want this one! The iPad promises to be one of the hottest gifts for both kids and adults this year. From gaming, music, and movies to apps and eBooks. The iPad is all the rage this year. $49
5. Parrot AR.Drone - The fact is kids still love toys. This is even one toy I wouldn't even mind getting! The AR-Drone is one of the coolest flying machines in the world and can even be controlled from your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone if you have one. $299

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