October 12, 2010

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Lifesta-Missed a deal? Looking for a deal?

Buy deals from daily deal sites (Groupon, LivingSocial and many others), when they're no longer available on the original sites.

Safe - all purchases are guaranteed
Immediate - pay and download voucher
Hassle-free - no communication with seller


Here is some more info on Lifesta for you!

Lifesta (www.lifesta.com), a marketplace for purchasing and selling pre-paid vouchers from daily deal web sites, is launching to provide consumers with a better option to unload unused vouchers and give others a second chance at snagging a great deal.


Lifesta embraces the idea of “dealing it forward.” With an estimated 15 to 20 percent worth of pre-paid coupons from web sites like Groupon going unused, Lifesta offers a better solution for these daily deals to be resold and redeemed. The web site gives consumers the chance to sell deals they won’t use, while also providing the opportunity to buy deals they missed the first time. Purchasing on Lifesta is as simple as any e-commerce transaction. The buyer pays and gets instant access to the voucher, and the seller receives the payment immediately. The Lifesta Deal Guarantee protects consumers by offering a full refund if the voucher is found to be invalid within 60 days of the date of purchase.

“Whether it’s that discount on a yoga class package you won’t be able to use before it expires or that great coupon you purchased for a couples activity only to discover your partner has no desire to take dancing lessons, Lifesta is here to provide relief for anyone who’s experienced that buyer’s remorse,” said Yael Gavish, co-founder and CEO of Lifesta.

Lifesta is easy to use. On the selling side, it only takes a couple of minutes to post a deal. Sellers determine the price and can edit their listings at any time to change the price or remove deals entirely. Consumers can simply visit the site, check out the deals and purchase immediately. Posting a deal is free of charge. When sold, only a $0.99 plus an eight percent fee of the selling price is charged to the seller.

To find and sell daily deal vouchers, visit www.lifesta.com.


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