August 24, 2010

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Little Looster Review

Potty training is one of the most important milestones in every child’s life.  As a parent it is a challenge and a relief when it is over.  As a mom of a girl and a boy, I am speaking from experience! Potty training is completely different for each child. My daughter was super easy to train, while my son not so. I have sought out tips, help, techniques from other mom and mom boards.  I was looking for something to make it easier for my son.  He is 3 years old, but on the small side (still wearing 18 month clothing).  It was hard for him to watch is  4 ½ year old sister be able to get onto the toilet by herself and not be able to be a big kid like her.    We tried it all, the portable potty—he hated it (said it was a baby potty), the toilet seat insert (instead there was pee all over my bathroom), a stool for him to climb onto regular seat but it kept moving and he refused to climb up by his own.  So instead we had to be at his beck and call and lift him up and down off the toilet anytime he had to go.

I was recently contact by Little Loosters and they graciously sent me Little Looster "Booster for the Loo"  to review!  Little Looster "Booster for the Loo" is a horseshoe shaped stool that surrounds the base of the toilet so that it creates a pedestal for children to support their little feet while they sit "on the loo".

The Little Looster has changed our potty training experience!  My son LOVES the Little Looster!  He will now go into the bathroom by himself and he is able to climb up and go all by himself.  It is amazing!  It is making the night time potty breaks a breeze now too!  He now has something to support his short little legs while he is going to the bathroom.  No more dangling little legs and the pin and needle feelings!

It is amazing to see the change in him since we got the Looster.  He has more independence, he feels like he is a big boy.  I love  how he will just go into the bathroom by himself and do his busy.  This has been a great experience!

All children will eventually use the "big potty", why not start it early? Instead of spending more money and deal with the mess that comes with the space-consuming portable-potty, you can just have your child use the toilet and help make it a lot easier for her/him with the Little Looster. I could of saved so much money going the Little Looster route first!

What is also great is this product is a Portland, OR based business. The Looster itself was conceived and designed by a mother of 3. She came up with the design and need after parenting 3 kids through the potty training process.  Just about every aspect of the Looster's life cycle from birth-of-concept to design and manufacturing was completed by Oregon based companies.

You can visit the Little Looster website and check out more on this neat and innovative product.

Disclosure:  All opinions are 100% mine. I was provided a Little Looster to facilitate my review!


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