April 2, 2010

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Hoarding vs. Stockpiling

Today a co-worker and I were discussing my using coupons.   She made a comment that she could only imagine my basement had was enough room to walk through (in reality, my basement is finished, very clean and in our storage area I have two bookcases for our stockpiles).  I was telling her about a deal I came across and how I was going back to the store to get more.   A local grocery store had dog food on sale and I had picked up 20 cans for free with coupons, I found a couple more coupons and wanted to get more. She asked if I was a hoarder and I  laughed!  I was actually picking up all the free dog food to take to our local Humane Society to donate next week.   I can imagine a lot of people assume coupon users/stock pilers are hoarders, but that is not the case, there is a big difference.

So what is the difference between stockpiling and hoarding?

Stockpiling is having one or more extra items of products you consume or use everyday. Stockpiling is seeing a great deal, evaluating what your needs are,  the frequency of similar great deals and buying the appropriate amount to hold you through to the next great sale or till you need more again.  I only stockpile non-perishable items, healthy and beauty, cleaning, etc.  The stuff that has a long shelf life!

Hoarding is the a general term for the accumulation of food or other item.  It is clearing a shelf  at a store just because you have enough coupons to do a deal.  It is buying things that you don’t need just because you “can”.  It is buying products that will eventually go to waste, just because of the temporary thrill that you get when walking out with so much for so little. A hoarder would jump on every coupon, deal that they would read on this blog and have to have it!

Stockpiling is the smart way to shop.  Hoarding is an unhealthy habit and not a smart way to shop. So I challenge you to take a look at your shopping habits.  Are you stockpiling, or are you hoarding?   If you think you are hoarding, it’s time to step back, stop and seek out help from others.


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