March 21, 2010

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Handy Manny: Big Race review

I am so excited, I was recently chosen by MomCentral, to host Handy Manny Playdate Premiere!  Launched in 2006, Disney's Emmy-nominated animated series "Handy Manny" shares the adventures of Manny, a bilingual handyman, and his talking tools. The show teaches young children the beginnings of Spanish and the importance of cultural diversity.

Guest stars Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Lance Bass join Wilmer Valderrama (the voice of Manny) and the rest of the "Handy Manny" gang as they prepare for the famed Wood Valley 500 race. But first, can Manny, the Tools and their friend Elliot turn a broken-down jalopy into the coolest race car ever? It will take teamwork, determination and some awesome driving skills to cross the finish line first. Tricked-out with music, excitement and surprises, Big Race! is high-octane fun for the whole family!
The kids loved Handy Manny's Big Race! They sat there and did not move, my son's mouth was open a couple times when I looked over!  Not only was it a cute cartoon, but as a parent watching it, I enjoyed it too.  I loved all the important life lessons it taught the children:  never give up on your dreams, help your friends in need,  work together to achieve a goal, offer support, etc.  
Unfortunately I did not charge my camera, or I would of shared photos of the kids!   I printed off coloring pages and the kids had a blast coloring.  I was also able to score some Handy Manny card games for the kid's goodie bags. If you are looking for some fun 2 pack of card games, check your local dollar type store and even Bob Evans little gift shop!
Since the premiere was at 7pm and most of our friends children and our own kids are in bed by 7:30pm, I did not want have a big meal. I made the Handy Manny Energy snack mix with a small twist.  With nut allergies, I omitted the nuts.  I also replaced cranberries/blackberries with raisins!  I also took Oreo cookies and then piped on some white frosting in the middle to make them look like tires!  Then I made "Stop Lights" using a round cookie cutters and made circles of green, yellow and red sugar free Jello (like jigglers).

“I wrote this blog post while participating in a Playdate Premiere campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Playhouse Disney. Mom Central sent me a gift card and two Handy Manny toys to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


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